European Championship

Here you go! My first European Championship as team leader just end with so much adrenalin and 2 good medals! One arrive by Stefanie Horn, a great silver medal that award a long period of great quality training and professional attitude. She was sick and lost a few months of training last year but as you can all see, the right way of training mixed a strong mind and motivation can show up a great performance! Especially when A second medal arrives from the C1 squad in the team event. A bronze medal that underline the high potential of Cipressi Stefano (still and even stronger!), the young Raffaello Ivaldi (U23 and looking for a style!) and Roberto Colazingari (ready for the BIG step in the solid names of top international athletes). Not medalist but with good performances are all the other members of the Italian team. they show a positive attitude learning from mistakes and growing their capacity of readying water and feeling them self.

#canoeslalom #european

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